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Business oriented project management

Our services vary from leadership competency, project knowledge and project tools



Consulting services in leadership competency

We offer consulting services in strategical planning together with monitoring and controlling the project portfolio. Within these consultant services we work with a risk management plan, risk identification, risk assessment, risk response planning and documentation of management and contingency allowances.  Agile methods and strategies are often used when working with complex projects, and we can support your business with how to work with these, read more.


Consulting services in project tools

We are specialist in how to work with project tools, and have long experience from working with software tools, and can support your business to develop business value. We offer consultant services within practical project planning, manage multiple projects, model project costs, compare progress against a baseline and configure and display reports and dashboards. We can help your business to create a project portfolio and develop dashboards and reports, read more.


Developing new business project knowledge

An inspirational lecture is a good start to learn how new project knowledge can be implemented in your business. We can introduce and present the latest trends and news in the project management area, find out more.

With our complexity tool we can help your business with how to categorise the projects in your business. The complexity tool is based on new research within the project management area, and will help your business to succeed with your projects. Please contact us for more information and further discussion about analysing the complexity in your projects.




WEDS AB was founded in 2012, and we focus on helping our customers to develop a common project methodology. We work with business oriented project management. The consultants are certified trainers within the project management area. We have certified personnel for project management tools, who are working with portfolio management, program management and project governance.

Our work is founded in scientific proven and known models and methods, with recognized standards. We work with project complexity tool, learning from projects, inspirational lectures and different project tools for planning, execution, monitoring and controlling. We have done long term consultant work at ABB, GGP and Whirlpool, and with the help of practical experience we develop our methods, tools and services. Our customers are often big and complex organisations within private- and public sector.

We aim for long term collaboration and guides our customers towards business oriented project management. Some example of customers that we have worked with are ABB, Ericsson, Fergas, Försvarsmakten, GGP, KL Industri, Returpack, SAAB, Siemens, SSAB, Toyota Material Handling and Whirlpool.

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